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Although we were only formally incorporated in 2013, we have been providing specialist procurement and EU contract law services to the public sector for many years, including launching our own frameworks.

We were appointed as a provider of Neutral Vendor frameworks for multi specialism services via an EU compliant tender OJEU reference 2016/S 036-059003 (see our Frameworks page for more details).

Under our Neutral Vendor framework we are proud to be instrumental in not only providing value for money (VfM) solutions to contracting authorities, but generating business opportunities for both national and regional organisations (especially in consideration of the Social Value Act 2012) and in addition, providing a cost effective platform, enabling contracting authorities to conduct their own EU compliant e-tender exercises (see Procurement Outsourcing page).

We have assisted clientele in both the public and private sectors, and with particular reference to the public sector, we convey EU compliant *ancillary purchasing activities in conjunction with the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015) on behalf of contracting authorities under Regulation 24(3) as a Procurement Services Provider (PSP).

*Under regulation 2(1)(c) of PCR 2015, 'ancillary purchasing activities' means;

Activities consisting of the provision of support to purchasing activities, in particular in the following forms;

  • (a) technical infrastructure enabling contracting authorities to award public contracts or to conclude framework agreements for works, supplies or services;
  • (b) advice on the conduct or design of public procurement procedures;
  • (c) preparation and management of procurement procedures on behalf and for the account of the contracting authority concerned;

In brief, some of the ancillary purchasing activities we provide for contracting authorities include;

  • Free Non Pay spend analysis.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Procurement outsourcing function (including conducting your RFQs, tenders, frameworks, etc).
  • Supplier accreditation.
  • Frameworks (our own, & signpost to others).
  • Further/mini competitions (ours or others).
  • EU Procurement guidance/support.
  • E-Tender & RFQ 'end to end' web portal facility.