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Framework Reference: PF13/007 Corporate Multi Specialism Services


PF13/007 is our Public Sector/EU compliant procurement supply chain service framework which operates as either a neutral provider or a fully managed procurement solution for your goods/services or works related requirements, based on the robust Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs,) that your organisation is governed by, and thus sources and manages all Services - a single source solution interface for your requirements.

Whilst it is open to all public and third sector organisations, you must be a client member of NE1 in order to access and benefit from the framework services.

It provides your organisation as a contracting authority with the following benefits:

+ A fully compliant solution for ALL goods/services/works related requirements.

+ For client members it is free to access, costs are open book and the fees are absorbed by the supplier.

To demonstrate Value for Money (VFM,) each individual call off is a discrete contract with the awarded supplier on our framework and although as a framework, no work can be guaranteed, there is an agreed maximum for each call off to be either 12, 24, 36 or 48 months duration providing that it complies with each client member's SFIs.

Whilst we have regular review meetings in place with both the client member and the awarded supplier, it is a strict mandate that each call off period (minimum 12 months) is reviewed at least 3 months before call off expiry to see if a further call off is required, and by what compliant procurement route.

Whilst each client member's requirements will be discussed individually, there are typically two routes to access the framework:

Neutral Provider Solution

With this model, typically, the client member with its own procurement procedures and accreditation/qualification process either already has a number of suppliers that it utilises, or would like to utilise ours, and as such, we can either directly appoint or conduct a further competition amongst those nominated suppliers (some of whom may already be "on our books", having already undergone an accreditation/qualification process), and then the client member can either directly call off with the awarded supplier and be invoiced by the supplier direct or we can manage the call off requirements and invoice your organisation accordingly.

Our Neutral Vendor Framework covers;

  • Construction and related facilities services;
  • Architects, Project Management, Quantity Surveying, Cost Management, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Services, M & E combined.
  • Facilities Management (FM hard and soft services).
  • Major and minor works (construction and consultancy related).
  • Catering.
  • Legal and Investigation services.
  • Network services.
  • Data Access services.
  • Telephony services.

CPV codes included in our NV Framework;

  • 79418000 Procurement consultancy services.
  • 45000000 Construction services.
  • 79000000 Business services, law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security.
  • 79993000 Buildings & Facilities sevices.
  • 79993100 Facilities management services (FM).
  • 71000000 Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services.
  • 50000000 Repair and Maintenance services.
  • 72700000 Computer network services.
  • 72710000 Local Area Network services.
  • 72720000 Wide Area Network services.
  • 44221000 Windows, Doors and related items.
  • 44221200 Doors.
  • 48000000 Software packages and information systems.
  • 48100000 Industry specific software packages.
  • 70000000-1 Real Estate.
  • 70100000-2 Real estate services with own property.
  • 70110000-5 Development services of real estate.
  • 70120000-8 Buying and selling of real estate.
  • 70200000-3 Renting or leasing services of own property.
  • 70210000-6 Residential property renting or leasing services.
  • 71000000-8 Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services.
  • 71200000-0 Architectural and related services.
  • 71300000-1 Engineering services.
  • 71400000-2 Urban planning and landscape architectural services.
  • 71600000-4 Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services.
  • 63121000-3 Storage and Retrieval Services.

Traditional Fixed v Neutral Vendor Framework

Fixed Vs Neutral Vendor

Only the initially appointed, accredited suppliers (via an EU compliant tender), can be awarded to provide the requirements during the 4-year framework term. No new suppliers can join during this term.

A Neutral Vendor (NV) acts as a conduit between the contracting authority and the accredited suppliers who have had to go through a rigorous pre-qualification and accreditation process to become framework partners.

Similar to fixed, as only accredited suppliers can be appointed to an NV framework (appointed via an EU compliant tender), however, NEW suppliers CAN join the framework during the 4-year term. Offering new opportunities, technologies, solutions and a more dynamic and larger pool of suppliers to then be able to demonstrate better value for money.

An NV as a singular but partial framework provider, has to maintain neutrality, non-bias and without favouritism to any one supplier, must either conduct all procurement exercises on behalf of the contracting authority, either by direct award or further mini competition amongst the framework partners or allow the contracting authority if it so choses those suppliers who have been identified to be able to fulfil the VFM requirements of the contracting authority.

As with a fixed framework, award can be direct or via further mini competition, however, the process turnaround time for direct award could be as short as one to two working days, and mini competition within five to eight working days.



Awarded under OJEU ref 2016/S 036-059003, our Neutral Vendor Framework ref PF13/007 is our Public Sector/EU compliant procurement supply chain service framework, which is freely accessible to any contracting authority (or any organisation which fits the criteria of a contracting authority under the definitions contained within Regulation 2 of the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015), including any third sector/voluntary organisations, within any territory of the United Kingdom.

The framework is also freely accessible to any of the aforementioned entities whom may or may not be in receipt of regional, national or European grant funding such as the European Regional Development Fund England Operational Programme 2014 – 2020, providing this funding has been approved by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the aforementioned entities operate their procurement in accordance with the PCR 2015 and/or any guidance given by the DCLG, as requirements via our framework partners can either be procured by means of a direct call-off, or further competition depending on the requirements of each contracting authority, in accordance with that contracting authorities internal standing financial instructions (SFIs,) contracting standing orders, and/or procurement guidelines operating in a fair, transparent manner.