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Based on an organisations own protocols, Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs) and EU/UK legislation we can execute the following procurement exercises:

+ Sourcing by Quotation

+ From Inception to award of EU compliant tenders

+ Conducting mini competitions from either new or existing frameworks

Our services are structured to address each facet of the procurement lifecycle from inception to completion, encompassing EU compliant procurement processes resulting in competitively executed pricing, quality and service provision with subsequent minimisation of operational transactional costs.

Fully Managed Procurement Solution

With this model, if the client member neither has the time or resources to conduct its own procurement exercise and/or not have any suppliers already in place who are accredited/qualified to perform the requirements, then we will totally manage the process for you, based on your SFIs, manage your call off requirements with the supply base either by further competition on the framework or direct award, and as per the above, give the client member the option of being invoiced by us or by the awarded suppliers directly.

Categories covered under the framework include:

Facilities Management (hard and soft services), Minor Works (construction and consultancy related), Legal, Agency Staffing (Medical/Non Medical), Educational (training, development, support, mentoring, etc). The list is not exhaustive, so feel free to discuss further with us to explore what supply options are available to you.

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